My name is Marcel Nijland and I am a professional animal physiotherapist and dog behavioural consultant. Since my childhood I train dogs for obedience, agility, police dogs and tracking and rescue dogs. Nowadays my major focus is training, problem behaviour and I give a lot of clinics in Holland.

I have written several books and about 200 articles for dog fancy magazines and veterinary magazines. 

In Holland I am frequently invited to give lectures on symposia and congresses. The topics of my lectures concern dog training, 'positive  policedog training', physiotherpay in dogs,  gait analysis and physical training, and also behavioural topics. Beside these activities I am a tutor at the Martin Gaus Academy for Behavioural Therapists and at Toscanzahoeve in Belgium.

My major focus in the last years is on training working dogs. By intelligent training programmes we try to train the dogs as reliable as possible. Top working dogs must perform on a physical and mental top level. Details make the difference.

In 2014 Steven Schukking, Luc Jansen and I published the 'Guidelines for locomotion and exercise in puppies'. We tried to give a safe and realistic advise for puppy owners to give their pups proper exercise. I like to give lectures on this topic, also in English.


In Holland several professional organisations developed their knowledge during the lectures and workshops about locomotion and gait analysis, working physiology and positive reinforcement in dogs.

Are you interested in a workshop or lecture for your organisation? Don't mis the chance to increase the performance of your dogs. You can contact me by email: or look at the other pages on this website.

The workshop at the Martin Gaus Academy